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Top Secret
Writing Tools

Sections of Lyric Works scripts and play writing tools scattered on a desktop

Whether it’s a bit of dialog, a lyric to match a scene, a melody for a song—or even a character sketch—we are all at the mercy of our Muse! 


The most fulfilling part of our jobs is to start with absolutely nothing. The blank page. The proverbial tabla rosa, and end up with a full piece of paper that's bursting with life.


Some days it’s effortless and easy, as if every word floats in on an amiable breeze.


Then there are the days when it's not...that's when we turn to the tools.

Our Friends &
Talented Art-Mates

The other ingredient in our Secret Sauce is collaborating with fellow artists.


We believe others help make our work better.  Contrary to popular belief,  1 + 1 = 3.


Get to know our fabulous friends - visit their websites!

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