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The Sunny Hours

August 1 - 4, 2024, Tri-Cities, WA

Catherine's Story

A ferry on Puget Sound
College students taking a rest from hiking in a mossy spot off the trail
A streetcar descending the hilly street

'The ships and the tugs on the water

The fog horns muffled in mist

When the bay meets the shore, she curtsies

Shyly they're off with a swish'

The Blue and Green Waltz

'August rolls around like the streetcar

Sunny hours on the wane

Not long 'til the bell rings

The brass, wood and glass gleam'

Wide Open Swing

'On the rocks

On the slope

In the stream

Of the Springs

And we sink

In the sponge

'Neath our feet'

50 Cents

A Journey of Love, Destiny, Sacrifice and Humor

The Sunny Hours is based on the life of a real person, in Seattle, in the time between the Wars. Prohibition and the Great Depression tinged everyday life. Enter Catherine, born in 1922. Walk in her shoes through a neighborhood where you can see and hear History scrape up against Societal change. Catherine overcomes adversity to attend college—unusual for a young woman of the era. The story unfolds from neighborhood, to city, to the 1940’s college campus, to an iconic hiking club…an inspired escape and sanctuary for the working class students. The Hiking Club is a trellis through which present day (101 year old) Catherine and her daughter go forward and backward in time, weaving in and out of the richness of memory...and the tensions of choice—the ones Catherine makes, versus the ones History makes for her. Thoughtfully crafted to amplify the striking similarities of Catherine’s Century-long journey to that of our own 2020’s journey—Pandemics and all—you’ll feel, see and hear the imprint and echo of history in all of our lives. Through amazing visuals and Swing Music, Catherine’s life story of resilience shines. Her ‘overcoming and uplifting’ nature will fill the theatre with warmth. Watch this space for performance details, or sign up below to Stay in the Know!

Tickets on Sale Soon!

Tickets on sale the week of May 20, 2024.

Performances are August 1-4, 2024 at ACT in Richland, WA.


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graphic of a sunny hours play ticket announcing that they go on sale May 20, 2024
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